Sweet Spine Luxury Mattress
Sweet Spine Luxury Mattress

Sweet Spine Luxury Mattress


SweetDream   “SweetSpine”

Today daily routine life has become stressful & hectic, which maximum affects on your back. It will be the only solution to have complete rest. We understand that one solution cannot be useful for all people and We bring to you the mattress with a combination of comfort & support for you . This is created by combination of the finest re-bonded foam and a layer or high density foam. The mattress will ensure that you wake up to a great refreshing morning.


Do you walk in a mattress store asking for a hard mattress, here it is. brings a unique doctors’ approved mattress for troubled backs/spines that are looking for a optimum firm surface to sleep on. Culmination of years of research and development and the most advanced version of firm mattress. It has been designed to achieve a balance between support and comfort. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm is not a healthy choice, as our spine is not a straight line and it can cause aches and pains on pressure points. Mattress has the highest quality standard the shape of your spine while you sleep. Allow oxygen blood flow more freely without blockage or occlusion.


·         Especially suitable for those with back support.

·         Combination of Ultra Firm Technology material .

·         Mattress Conforms to the five zones of your body: Shoulders, Back, Hips. Thighs, & Lower Legs & Relieves the pressure from your shoulders, hips, arms heels etc.

·         Allows.

·         Ensures your spine & your body to rest in tension free positions & well supported all night long.

·         Eliminates pain and pressure points on body by protecting the spine

·         Premium Polycot fabric quilted with Soft Flexi- PUF on

·         Has widest combination of comfort and support

·         Energizes and refreshes you every morning by reducing stress on your back

·         Premium Polycot fabric quilted with Flexi- PUF on.

·         Preserving mattress life


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Available Colors:*
  • Cream
Size:   1981x1829x125

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Product Details
  • Cream
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 1981x1829x125
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