Theatron Glass Line
Theatron Glass Line Theatron Glass Line Theatron Glass Line

Theatron Glass Line

The Theatron Glass line system for balconies was developed in order to satisfy the needs of contemporary architecture; it is adaptable to any kind of project: from modern to restorations buildings. The system can be applied to several architectural contexts (internal and external) such as balconies, parapets, terraces as well as corridors and stairs. Anyhow duration, resistance and durability against atmospheric agents are guaranteed.

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Product Details
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance


Wall Connections
• High transparency Wall Connections
• Inalterability and durability
• Simplicity of production, installation and maintenance
• Efficacy and safety
• Certificates of Conformity according to the applicable norms
• Inalterability and durability
• Balconies
• Terraces
• Staircases or ramps both for external and internal settings
• Private and publicus
Technical features Section
• Glass unit 3000 mm maximum
• Glass composition for overload Hk100(kg/m) and Hk 200 (kg/m)
• Possibility of anchoring to floors and staircase sthanks to the use of fixing brackets above or fronta to the floor
Glass Unit
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