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Interviews with Thought Leaders Dated:  March 31, 2014
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Architect: Prof. K Jaisim

An architect and the former chairman of Indian Institute of Architects, Professor Krishnarao Jaisim is one of the eminent faces in Indian Architecture whose works have been featured in popular newspapers of India and the world. Prof. Jaisim has a number of awards in his kitty, including Chairman's Award – Civil Award for contribution by an Architect to Civil and Structural Engineering in the built environment for innovative practices, J K Award– Architect of the Year 1992, outstanding Contribution to the Interior Architecture – Durian Society Interiors Design Award 2004, International Gold Star Millennium Award –2007 – International conference on Indo – Nepal Friendship & Economic Co-operation at Kathmandu, Life Time Achievement Award 2007 for Outstanding Performance in the field of Architecture awarded by PAA, and more recently the Lifetime Achievement Award at the NDTV DA Awards 2014. We talk to him in a free wheeling interview...

Some Personal Information that you would like to share. 

I was born in 1944, studied Primary in English convent, went to MCCHS High school , Madras (a prestigious school). Later I took up B. Arch in School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai during1961 -1966. Few years later, after being influenced by the novel FOUNTAINHEAD, I founded the “Jaisim-Fountainhead.” Since then, I have been running various student newspapers and organizations. Also, a part of my job includes frequenting and interacting with all and sundry of the built spaces and politics

When did you first start your practice and what kind of projects have you been doing? 

I started my practice in 1970, and after having worked with L M CHITALE & SON for four years, I  launched The Jaisim FOUNTAINHEAD. 

Tell us something about your approach to your projects.

I am primarily influenced by the philosophy of Objectivism. Clients must come to us.


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defines your style? 

Objective and Romantic.

Which kind of projects do you enjoy the most? 

Anything that  is challenging and new.  

Tell us something about your most favorite project. 

All my projects are my favorites. As one cannot differentiate between their kids, likewise I cannot do with my projects. 

Who/what inspires you and your works? 

Mies, Nervi, Koenigsberger, Fuller , Bawa and ofcourse FOUNTAINHEAD inspired me. 

Do you feel architects and designers should be concerned about environmental sustainability? 

Architecture as we practice is beyond all these.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? 

To comprehend nature thoroughly and challenge it to achieve a sense of joy and happiness.

What challenges do you continue to face and what is your strategy to tackle them? 

Every day I take up a new challenge. I love undertaking new projects which have never been done or instantiated before. 

What drives you? 

The sheer pleasure of challenge to make a change and eventually make the difference. This drives me to work better. 

Any words of wisdom for youngsters starting out today. 

Give your best. Never back down and never get tired of competing with your own self. This will make you better every time.



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