Tungsten Electrodes For Spot Welder
Tungsten Electrodes For Spot Welder

Tungsten Electrodes For Spot Welder

Tungsten Spot welding electrodes –


PARENTNashik offers spot welding electrodes tips in different shape, style with threaded or taper

as per international standards made in Chromium copper zirconium -C-* - group-A for spot

welding gun, portable rocker arm welders & robotics gun.


PARENTNashik Electrodes types – tungsten, molybdenum electrodes, Cap tip,straight, single &

double bend electrodes, threaded – screwed, composite, crank, swivel, nut & stud, projection,

tungsten & tungsten copper faced, BS807 electrode tips, flat, centre, offset, angle offset,

cranked, spade, jobbing, reducing, ISO electrode tips, PSA style electrodes& many more.


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Available Colors:*
  • Copper Color
Size:   Dia 16 x 50
Awards:  * Winner of Asia's leading entrepreneur in small business India 2019 award by the International business magazine at Dubai, UAE- 2019 * Winner of Top Brand in Resistance Welding, India for the year 2019. award by Global brands magazine, UK- 2019 * IEDRA Award - 2018 (EXcellence Award For Industrial Development) * India Business Awards - 2018 (Leading Manufacturer Of Resistance Welding Consumables) * Nashik Best Brand Award - 2018 (Brand Leadership Award) *The Bizz Award 2018 (USA) - ( Business Excellence Award)
Clients: Switchgear Industries Electrical Industries Electronics Industries Automotive Industries Domestic Good Manufacturer General Engineering
Key Projects: Electrical, Switchgear, Electronics and Automotive Industries.

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Pan India

Price: Rs. 50/-
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Tungsten Electrodes For Spot Welder
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Product Details
  • Copper Color
Material CuCrZr and Tungsten
Model Number 3225
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions Dia 16 x 50
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* Exact shades of color may not be available.