Ultra Wood Acoustic Panels
Ultra Wood Acoustic Panels

Ultra Wood Acoustic Panels

• 24" x 24" laminated Birch facing acoustic panels.
• Larger surface area coverage.
• Absorbs and diffuses at the same time!
• Colour options: Black, Mahagony, White and Cherry.
• Size: 24" x 24" x 2"

Ultracoustic Ultra Wood delivers exceptional room control - especially low & midrange flutter. For best results, alternate panels vertically and horizontally. Placed across a room corner, Ultra Wood can be used as a bass trap, although aesthetically, it is a perfect match to the much more effective Ultra Bass Extreme.

Ultracoustic panels delivers the improvement you need without taking the energy out of the room. A unique combination of real wood, technical acoustic foam, and mathematically derived cavities makes the Ultra Wood suited for any application. 

Ultracoustic Ultra Wood panels can be used in recording studios, home theaters, control rooms, offices, restaurants, class rooms, boardrooms, broadcast studios, live rooms where a range of instruments and voices are recorded, rehearsal rooms and other performance spaces.

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