Under Floor Heating System
Under Floor Heating System

Under Floor Heating System

Integro has been providing innovative and economical Heating solutions for human comfort since 1996. We are  having  joint-venture with H T (United Kingdom) for  International Quality Under Floor Heating  Products and Systems available with us.  We provide Turnkey Solutions which includes Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning.  Safety and Reliability with optimized performance is the hallmark of our products and systems.

Integro’s  Electrical Radiant Underfloor heating brings great comfort and helps to save on heating costs!
With traditional central heating, air heated by the radiators rises. The result is that the hottest part of the room is the ceiling and the coldest is the floor, where the heat is actually needed. This is both very inefficient and wasteful but also uncomfortable to the body. Conversely heated floors produce a much more comfortable environment with even heat distribution throughout the room. So the room may be controlled up to 2°C lower than for the traditional system, for equivalent levels of comfort.

Benefits from floor heating include:-
• No more cold feet! more comfortable warmth.
• Uniform heat, where it is needed, distributed across the whole floor.
• Lower temperature set-point = greater energy efficiency.
• Invisible heat - no unsightly radiators.
• No high temperature surfaces - safer, particularly for older people.
• Gentle air circulation reduces airborne dust - a must for allergy/asthma sufferers.
• Dry floors eliminate fungi growth.
• Easier to keep clean.

With Self -regulating intelligent heating cables, for the first time in India, just one cable can be used for all floor-warming applications - whatever the floor surface, its construction, whether new build or retrofit, and whether for supplementary (comfort) heating or as a primary single heat source

Energy efficient  Hot Water  temperature maintenance System:
The hot water in the  pipeline from centralized/solar water heating system to usage point generally gets cold  due to heat loss , with the result, we get cold water  for some time which is left in the pipeline, till the time the hot water from storage tank reaches usage point. We provide heat tracing solution for maintaining the temperature of hot water pipeline which gives the comfort of using hot water at any time you open the tap.

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