The ventilated façade is a system where the external walls of a building are clad with mechanical fastening and hanging devices.
The system includes a space where a thermal-insulating panel can be fixed on the wall of the building and which also allows for an adequate circulation of rising air (chimney-stack effect).
Ventilated façades protect the building against weather and contaminating agents, but also offers remarkable advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and can be considered among the most effective outer coverings as they:
- Protect the main walls
- Allow energy savings
- Eliminate thermal bridges
- Eliminate surface condensation
- Enhance the look of the building
- Retain original technical and aesthetical features over time
- Are a practical solution in renovations
The large sizes and the broad range of Casalgrande Padana stoneware slabs allow cladding of large vertical, inclined and curved surfaces; thus designers are free to express their architectural ideas without constraints.
The fields of application embrace all types of construction ranging from public and service buildings to shopping and business centers, prestigious office blocks, industrial and residential constructions.
Different sizes and colors together with particular surface textures are available for all these sectors and all of them are suitable for fixing with both visible invisible fastening systems.
For new buildings but also for renovations the ventilated façades with porcelain slabs offer remarkable advantages in both economic and aesthetical terms.

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