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Now, every homeowner, stay at home mum, architect, designer and avid blogger out there has an opportunity to inspire the world with their original ideas! Share your ideas as guest articles/ guest posts which will be featured in our Latest Trends section. Articles may be related to Interior Decor, Retail Decor, Architecture, Home Design Ideas, Home Decor Tips, Latest Trends, New Product Launches or upcoming Events.

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An online community for designers, architects and homeowners and a common platform for interior design inspirations, Zingy Homes is open to innovative decor ideas and how to stories from every source. The idea is to inspire the country with the best of design and architecture and eventually make them set some new benchmarks in this field.
  • The original ideas from the fellow bloggers, architects, designers and homeowners can be easily inculcated in the decor.
  • Each article/story features a comment section where homeowners can get in touch the writers directly and resolve their design issues or get inspired even more.
  • Lastly, since the articles/stories are shared across various social media platforms, your ideas can be easily syndicated across your circle/network and probably friends of your friends.
At the end of the day, it is the number that counts, i.e., the number of people inspired!

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Simply mail your articles and images to : editor@zingyhomes.com and we would post on your behalf.

Article Submission Guidelines for Guest Contributors/Bloggers or Authors
  1. Please submit articles which are informative, interesting, educating, unique and relevant to the topics ( broadly, topics related to Architecture and Interior Design ) covered in our magazine. To get a better idea of what type of articles we publish, please check out our magazine section latest-trends
  2. Minimum word count of the article should not be less than 500 words and the size of the images should not be more than 250kb/image.
  3. Please proof-read the article before sending it to us. Article should be original and error-free.
  4. Copied/scraped or duplicate articles will be rejected.
  5. Please give due credits to the owners of the images which you include or insert in the articles.
  6. Articles published on other websites or magazines won't be republished on Zingyhomes.
  7. Your articles published on ZingyHomes should not be republished on other websites or magazines. If found, your article may be removed from our site.
  8. ZingyHomes' editorial team reserves the right to edit/change/rephrase or reject whole or parts of the article. The editorial team also reserves the right to add content or even insert advertisements in the article.
  9. It may take 2 to 15 days for the approved articles to go live. Once an article is submitted, please wait for atleast a week for feedback before you send us a reminder. Usually, we respond within 24-48 hours.
  10. We create an author page for every guest contributor. Once your article is approved and you are notified, you need to share the following details for author profile/page creation – Full name, Email, Phone number, Address, Short bio and a Photograph. But, If you are an existing member of the site, your profile will be linked to your article. Your contact details won't be published, they are required for record purpose only.
  11. Link to your site if needed, will only be given from the author page/profile and no link will be given on the article page. Keyword/Anchor link will not be given. Only your brand name or website name will be linked to your site. If you are a registered Architect or ID or Consultant or Contractor on ZingyHomes, then you are free to use images from your portfolio on ZingyHomes. We will link these images to your respective project pages.
  12. If you need link to your website from author/profile page, you need to contribute atleast 3 articles to become eligible to gain link. This rule only applies to guest bloggers or contributors and doesn't apply to design professionals ( Architects/Interior Designers ) who contribute expert articles as they need to become members of our portal before article contribution and their respective profiles will be linked to their articles. No link to their website is added.
Let's join hands to help the community acknowledge and adapt to new decor trends and thus benefit every other homeowner out there! Furthermore, make home decorating easy by providing a peek into Home Stories.

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