Interview: Architects Ankita Sweety and Pratyoosh Chandan of Studio An-V-Thot

Young Turks Dated:  July 7, 2015
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Architects: Ankita Sweety and Pratyoosh Chandan

This week, we speak to two young and talented architects Ankita Sweety and Pratyoosh Chandan, who run the Delhi based, National-award winning architectural and interior design firm Studio An-V-Thot. The firm, which was launched in 2010, have been working on several architectural and interior design projects of varied nature, scale and sizes. 

The team has won prestigious awards like iGEN 50 Design Forum, Era Fame Awards and IIID Anchor Awards and their work has been appreciated and published in in many leading national & international magazines including Architect and Interiors India, Tiles of India, Prismma, Architecture, Architecture + Design, Insite, Construction & Architecture update, The Nepune Glitz and more. 

In this interview, they talk about their firm, career, design philosophy, challenges faced, projects, their vision for Studio AVT and lot more. Read on. 

Tell us something about yourselves both as architects and as the people behind the architects?

Ankita Sweety

I'm a distinction holder in Architectural Degree from NIT Patna. I was associated with one of the leading design firms in New Delhi for two years. Currently, I'm a partner at Studio AVT. I also hold the post of country's editing member for World Architecture Community.

Apart from profession, music is the one thing that makes me happy. .

Pratyoosh Chandan

I'm an alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer, I graduated in Architectural Technology & Construction Management from IASE University, Sardarshahar. Upon several years of working with a few design studios in Delhi, wherein I led various design projects of diverse nature, I went to the United Kingdom to further pursue my architectural critique, from University of Brighton, UK. 

Photography & travelling helps me rejuvenate while in stress.

When did you start your practice? What is the core competence that each of you brings to the table?

The journey began in the year 2010, following the birth of “Studio An-V-Thot”,

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Design Consultancy firm based in Delhi. Since then the studio has taken up and completed several Architectural and Interior projects of varied nature, scale and sizes. The studio’s core effort to convert a thought into reality has consistently led them for pursuit of excellence.

Your studio has an unusual name. What is the story behind it?

"An-V-Thot" is a hybrid of two words, anvit (Sanskrit) & thought (English) where "anvit" means followed by, so it is actually a studio followed by a thought, and as the name suggests both Ankita & Pratyoosh are always eager to and strive to define their endeavors in a thought evolving and settling manner. 

Could you describe your design philosophy to us?

Studio AVT firmly believes in the uttermost importance of the space within & beyond rather than the built frame. We endeavor to design and develop an environment for stories to take birth and remain, where true feelings are captured and felt with a sense of belonging, only to resonate through time. “We intend to breathe” is what our motto is.

As young architects, what challenges do you face?

The continuous quest of proving your worth is a real challenge. There are clients who are fascinated with our young

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but then keeping their trust and investment in a secure level while making them understand the power of freedom that we need and from there finally reaching the physical output is nothing less than an adventure ride. With internet at its best, this is a time where people are much informed and aware.

What kind of projects have you been working on?

The studio has taken up and completed several Architectural and Interior projects of varied nature, scale and sizes. Right now Studio is engaged in projects of different categories from Residential to Industrial, Institutional to Health Care to Product Design.

Which has been your most enriching project?

A 60 yards site for multi-dwelling wherein the client was pretty sure that nothing much can be done apart from the conventional pattern of the built structures of the locality. Eventually, we did manage to break the norm & made something more human.

There is a lot of talk today around sustainability? How does An-V-Thot weave in sustainability in its projects?

Studio AVT appreciates their client for having awareness about sustainable design. We are undergoing a few residence which complies with the philosophy of sustainability. Apart from residences we are designing an Industrial & Training Institute for Women of Backward Class in Chattisgarh which has an essence of Vernacular & Green Architecture which is going to comply with IGBC guidelines.
What role do you see for technology in design in the coming days?

Rather than speaking about the current abilities, taste and genre of present day designers, we feel the current trend is actually the reformed awareness about Architecture & Architects. This has tremendously changed the course and structure of today’s infrastructure development. Having said that, today we are made aware of latest technologies as well as materials and their applications in a much easier and readily approachable way. Thus the current trend is that of a more informed stature on a national as well as global platform.

What would your dream project be like?

At Studio AVT there are always projects which are close to heart & emerge as dream projects. Ultimately though, our aim is to continuously improve the work we produce in our office and to offer our team a bright future. On a lighter note, we as designers can always be seen with an urge or rather fantasy to design something of a by-gone or a future era. Howsoever impractical it may seem in today’s context but if given a chance we would love to design a massive Emperor’s Fort or a habitable Colony in Outer-Space.

What is your vision for An-V-Thot?

“2014”, the 5th year into the journey of Studio AVT has been very rewarding with our work being appreciated & published in many leading national & international magazines as well as e-magazines and a couple of National Awards in the field. With such incredible stepping stones to our credit, we aim to venture into our growth & expansions at multiple levels. With our current portfolio of work developing in states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Maharashtra; our plan is to reach out to the far ends of the country and make our presence felt on a national platform. Since the beginning of this year we have also initiated a “Design & Build program” as an add-on to our scope of work in collaboration with Mehta Enterprises. We are hoping for a consistency of recognitions in the years to come.

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