Interview: In Conversation with Ar. Devyani Gupta & Ar. Nehit Vij of Intrigue Designs

Young Turks Dated:  Jan. 25, 2018
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Ar. Devyani Gupta & Ar. Nehit Vij

Team Zingy Homes gets into a candid conversation with the talented duo Ar. Devyani Gupta & Ar. Nehit Vij, the founding partners at Intrigue Designs. Intrigue Designs showcases a diverse range of portfolio of projects, varying in both scale and nature. Successfully catering to timeless architecture and interior design services with design stamps pan-India, the firm has been in inception since 2012. While Intrigue Designs plays its role as an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to local context and sustainable architecture. Read on to know more about their story...

What is your firm's design philosophy? Why the name 'Intrigue Designs'?

Intrigue Designs is a young multi-disciplinary "design studio". The design community has become large and inter-disciplinary - not withholding the fundamental professional tags of architects, fashion designers, graphic designers etc. We love to experiment, design and innovate - it can be building, a product or even a book cover. It is this enthusiasm and this thought that made us - Devyani Gupta, Co-Founder, and me - name our company Intrigue Designs,’

Your firm has a diverse portfolio catering to residential, recreational, industrial etc. What encouraged you to enter that zone?

We started with residential projects, at first. Then we ventured into pre-school & school designs and finally hospital designing ( women and child hospitals). Each project was crucial in timing and with a steep learning curve. Though diverse in nature, we have been able to use the knowledge gained and apply it to all these projects which varied greatly in scale and functionality.

Courtesy Intrigue Designs

Is there any special project you are emotionally attached to? Could you tell us what is special about that project?

Our Hill projects in the northeast - are very special to us. As college students, designing for rough terrains such as the hills was always a challenge and getting to do so, at such an early professional stage was an encouraging moment for us. Hill construction is a different typology all together and it was an extremely big moment when we successfully achieved the intended design and aesthetics of the model schools.

Courtesy Intrigue Designs

It has been seen in your projects that you like to fuse space with sustainability & technology, such as in the Saraswati school in Kalimpong. What makes you conceive of this notion?

Sustainability and technology are imperative to designing in the 21st century. At Intrigue designs " architecture" is perceived in a progressive light and give equal weight to form, sustainability, technology, and responsive landscape design. We build on context, explore new technologies, and leverage the clients’ programmatic objectives. While Intrigue Designs plays its role as an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to the local context.

A recent architectural event, based in the capital was held over a theme – Designing for diversified India. Can you present your views on how a nation, with varied cultures, climate, and other factors should cater to architecture?

Architecture in simplified terms is the collective response of culture, topology, climate, local context and economic means of the individual or an institution to a particular region/place. India being highly diversified - architecture will respond differently to the local context - and it should. This is what makes India unique - we should conserve this response which has developed over centuries and further aid/infuse it with the available technology of 21st century.

Ar. Nehit believes in the dictum “God is in Details”. How does it work for your team?

The success of intricacies of design and construction lies in detail. It encourages the team to think out of the box and induces a sense of practicality, logic, and maturity in designing. Intrigue Designs has accomplished projects across diverse scales and typologies with details space and form defined by the users themselves.

What projects are you currently working on? Mention the challenges faced at your end while working upon them?

We are currently working on a farmhouse in NCR, designing a book manual for Apollo Cradles along with finishing the model schools in North-east region.

Zingy – Five:

  • Quick bytes over recent developments from your firm.
    We have also ventured into product design - namely lighting units and furniture.
Courtesy Intrigue Designs
  • Your most memorable design project.
    Till date, it is the schools in the hills.

  • Your dream project.
    The current farmhouse

  • Your design trend for 2017.
    Infusing color into monochromatic schemes.

  • Your words of wisdom to the young aspirants out there.
    Design like you are the user and not 'only' the designer.
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