In conversation with Gayatri Sekhri, creative head of Pomegranate Design

Young Turks Dated:  Nov. 30, 2017
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Courtesy Pomegranate Design

Gayatri Sekhri has made a name for herself in the art work over the years. Her natural disposition to creativity and passion for the arts has made her a known figurehead in the Indian art community. She recently auctioned a sculpture at the prolific Khushii: India on Canvas auction organised by Sotheby's. As a creative head of Pomegranate Design Gayatri works within 4 verticals: Art and Sculptures, Interior Design, Architecture and Wedding Décor. She has taken her passion for design and instilled it into all of Pomegranate Design's ventures. Their architectural project, Centre Court Villa, has featured on numerous national and international platforms. And they have also become one of the leading luxury wedding designers in the Indian community within and outside India.

Courtesy Pomegranate Design
  • Why the name Pomegranate Design studio?

    Inspired from other brands like Apple, Blackberry, we thought of keeping the company’s name as Pomegranate.

  • Share with us the design mantra, followed by Pomegranate Design Studio.

    Design philosophy aims at achieving simplistic lifestyle solutions with design as a tool and a sensitivity towards context and the human dimension, nurturing each project through its various stages from conceptualization, through construction and successful execution. With no fixed stylistic attitude materials, technology, client brief, program and context are all key elements. Pomegranate’s unique design approach.

  • Describe the blooming evolution in your work over these years.

    After finishing my higher education, I began working as an advocate in New Delhi and Singapore for three years. But, it wasn’t long after that I had a creative epiphany. Design had always been a big influence in my life and the thought of a career in law just didn’t appeal to my creative side. So, I decided to follow my dream to become an artist.

  • What is the aim of your art? What inspires and motivates you as an artist?

    Aiming to transform designs into spectacular reality for refined clientele in both contemporary and traditional panache. Work of Henry Moore and Lorenzo Quinn have really inspired me, as they are expressive and emotive. Closer to home, I love Subodh Gupta’s work. His entire body of work, ranging from photography, sculptures to installations is very inspirational.

Courtesy Pomegranate Design
  • “Art and Architecture are intangibly interconnected.” Brief us with your opinion over this

    One applies similar principles when designing or creating anything I believe. Both art and architecture can tell a story and just like art even building to me like an installation. It’s just that the scale is bigger.

  • Your collection of works blend nature’s beauty with inspiring works of art, free from the constraints of enclosed spaces of a traditional gallery. What is your design philosophy behind these works?

    I believe art should be visually appealing more than anything else and my art reflects experiences and thoughts that I have on a daily basis.

Courtesy Pomegranate Design
  • How in your opinion do your artworks relate with the field of architecture?

    Aesthetics are one important aspect of architecture and sculptures can definitely add beauty to the space as they create dramatic focal point to the space.

Courtesy Pomegranate Design
  • There is a deep metaphor behind the concept to your artworks. Can you share your thoughts upon this notion?

    My work is an example of attitude, rather than a design exercise. Rather than planning in isolation, design for me is an evolutionary and inclusive process, where each piece is a shared experience - between the studio and the client within a framework.

  • Your project “Centre Court Villa” has acclaimed numerous national and international awards over the time. What were the challenges that you faced, and how did you manage them?

    Centre Court Villa’s biggest challenge for our team was achieving the finishing and project managing. Finishing it in a years’ time was a big challenge for us.

Courtesy Pomegranate Design

Zingy Five rapid fire:

  • A project close to your heart. Why?

    Centre court villa, because I had the freedom to finish this project with my style of interiors and most importantly my own art.

Courtesy Pomegranate Design
  • Favourite “Archi-read” / Book.

    Architecture + Design

  • If you had an alter ego, what role would he be playing apart from the current version?

    I would be a chef cooking up a storm in my own restaurant designed by me.

  • Your firm caters to a very different approach towards design, from the conventional one. What would you like to say about it?

    It is a multi-disciplinary design studio offering full spectrum of design and execution services including architecture, construction, interior design, art décor and event décor. Unprecedented in approach, Pomegranate offers a complete array of design and execution services provided under one roof.
    Based out of New Delhi, the Pomegranate team is a young and thriving group of like-minded, creatives, all driven by a passion for design. The team works across a diverse set of design disciplines and varied typologies to provide unique, holistic and innovative design solutions. Working in close collaboration with consultants, the intent is to let the design process arrive at novel solutions.

  • A built marvel from around the nation, which you personally admire.

    Palace of Versailles.

  • Your words of wisdom to the young design aspirants out there.

    Presentation and to be able convey to the client how he/she is different from the rest.

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