Javed Akbar- A Quick Rendezvous

Young Turks Dated:  June 12, 2014
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Architect: Javed Akbar

I recently met the fiery Javed Akbar, an architect who has started young in LadakhRead on as we find out what it takes to build unique architecture, designs and a passion!

When did you start your practice?
I started my practice in July 2012.

Where did you study architecture?
I completed my Architecture degree from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology.

What are the range of services that your firm, Creative Design Studio Consultants provides?
As a firm, we provide almost every service that can be provided by an architectural firm. From “Conceptual Designing” to “On site execution”, “architectural drawings” to “structural and working drawings”, from “ solar passive techniques” to “vernacular methods of design”.

What defines your style?
I believe that every place have its own design style/pattern which helps in making its identity and it is important to keep and run that pattern/style in the upcoming designs to retain the identity of that particular place . I believe that it is my prime focus on keeping and incorporating these elements as a theme in my designs with quality functions and appealing forms.  

Why should someone hire you over a more established architect?
I have my own visions; my own style and my own thinking process, No matter how big or how established any other firm/architect might be, they can't take another’s ideas, not at least copy the same. My ideas are reflected in my designs and if people understand it, they will for sure make their way to me.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself five years hence?
Five years from now I wish that I can understand my clients even better .I want to observe the requirements of the people not as an architect but as a common person, one merged in the crowd. I want to observe and find

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the needs of the environment and explore the ways to save it via my profession or at-least help to improve it.

Five years from now they will proudly call me an Architect. 

For works visit, Javed Akbar at his profile- Creative Design Studio Consultants

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