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Young Turks Dated:  April 4, 2014
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Interior Designer: Kayzad Shroff

We talk to the young and much talented Architect Kayzad Shroff of the studio ShroffLeon which he cofounded with equally talented Maria Isabel Jimenez Leon. Born (1979) in Mumbai, India, Kayzad R. Shroff's talents shone right during his student days, when he was awarded a grant to represent Cornell at the UrbanTyphoon, the Olive Tjaden Scholarships and the Mary Miller Lyons Graduate Award. His beach house project recently won the NDTV DA Award. He tells us about this project and more...

Deck AreaDeck Area - Beach House

When did you start your practice?
As a collaborative, we began working together on competitions since we were in Graduate School in Ithaca, New York, in 2008, but formally founded the studio  SHROFFLEoN in 2010, once we decided to move to India and set up practice on our own.

Where did you study architecture?
We both received our post professional Architecture Degrees from Cornell University- Maria with a minors in Digital Media and myself in Real Estate. Prior to that, Maria studied at the ETSAS in Spain, while I received my undergraduate degree from Cornell as well.

What is the range of services your firm provides?
SHROFFLEON is equipped and has the experience to provide consultancy services across scales; from handheld products to Installations, Interior Design and Space Planning to Architecture and Landscape. 
As a studio we thrive on multiple collaborations, leveraging skill sets and expertise across disciplines.

Living-cum-Dinning AreaLiving-cum-Dinning Area - J House

What defines your style?
Style, in the visual sense, is not something we generally concern ourselves with. That being said, we are partial to clean lines, a minimalistic palette, a penchant for natural materials and an absence of ornamentation.
We rather prefer to interpret ‘style’ operationally, by which I mean we tend to

Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Clean Room Coating
at programmatic flows and rework them to forge new and novel instances – a programmatic shake up!

What do you think differentiates your practice from the rest?
The American musician, Trey Gunn is said to have said something akin to...This is where amateurs have an advantage over pros.  A pro knows what he can deliver, and rarely goes beyond it. An amateur has no concept of his limitations and generally goes exceeds them. 
We go by this whole heartedly, and genuinely believe, our projects to be the culmination of an intense internal strife; a conflict that would probably be absent were we more ‘established’ and comfortable in our own skin.

Workstation OfficeWorkstation Office - Office Work

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself five years hence?
Visions, dangerous as they can be, are constantly changing; evolving with each project, completed or otherwise, and achievement, but the hope, the vision as you call it, is the continuation, and even expansion, of the inherent restlessness, the internal strife we spoke of earlier, as according to us it is the most vital ingredient for invention.

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