Piyush Goenka

Young Turks Dated:  May 8, 2014
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Architect: Piyush Goenka

Recently, we interviewed another enthusiastic and promising Indian architect - Piyush Goenka. Read on to know more about Piyush as a person, about his life, his style and his approach towards projects. 

Some Personal Information that you would like to share.

(Laughs) The real me is nothing designer or fancy, but a simple, straight forward person who strives to achieve his paragon while attempting to gift people a better living through design.

I finished my formal graduate degree in architecture from ABIT – Piloo Mody College of Architecture and was awarded for the best student work by ‘Indian Institute of Architects’ and ‘City Engineers’ Club’.

I come from a modern family which is still deeply rooted in Indian values. It has greatly been an important factor in shaping my outlook.
When did you first start your practice and what kind of projects have you been doing?

I started working in 2009. We have consulted and executed projects for Fortune 500 giants as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. Retail Experience Design to Green Townships, my drawing table is full of variety.

Tell us something about your approach to your projects.

We follow a scientific approach in our Design Process Life Cycle. You may call it the five “D” approach in our projects, Discover - Define - Design - Develop – Deploy.

What defines your style?

I am no fan of signature styles. We design to make things easier for people. However being close to perfection, is something that comes naturally to me.

What kind of projects do you enjoy the most?

Any project regardless of scale that gainsays me as a designer or architect. It should be able to tickle my grey cells. Sky risers have always excited me, lately I have become a sustainability champion of sorts.

Tell us something about your most favorite project.

Vertical Habitat. Based on the Indian concept

Berger Anti Carbonation Coating
Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint
neighborhood, by bringing outdoors into indoors. The quintessential skyscraper with a twist!

What inspires you and your works?

Nature and people’s needs are the biggest motivators. I am also glad to use a lot of available smart technologies these days. It is amazing to see how technology can change lives so easily.

Do you feel architects and designers should be concerned about environmental sustainability?

Certainly! I believe, everyone in the society should contribute something towards environmental sustainability. We must strive to have a better planet for our future generations.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

No two projects have been exactly same; so, the approach varies accordingly. Every project has its challenges which require unique brain-storming and sweating. But, project forecasting is a vital part which always challenges us. We meet and solve these challenges as a team.

What challenges do you continue to face and what is your strategy to tackle them?

Resource acquisition and management remains a significant issue for small and medium sized firms. Strategies for different projects vary from each other. As architecture is a knowledge based practice, there are no short-cuts.

What drives you?

My passion to excel drives me. I always feel I can push myself a little more, everytime. 

Any words

wisdom for start ups.

Do what you love and love what you do. Remain focused. Be dedicated to your goals.

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