Praful Purabiya

Young Turks Dated:  April 11, 2014
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Architect: Praful Purabiya

Young and vivacious in his work as in life, Architect Praful Purabiya talks about his modernisitic view of styling and decor. 

When did you start your practice?

After completing my graduation in the year 2010, I started practicing as a junior architect at Premnath and Associates, where I learnt to accomplish the given task within the stipulated period.  But here I got the opportunity to transform myself from an architect who is just out of campus into a full fledged confident architect ready to take up any project. One year later I joined Khushalani Associates, wherein I worked on good design assignments.
By 2013 I felt the need to grow and so I started my own firm. Few residential and a hotel project gave boost to this idea.

Where did you study architecture? 

I pursued my Architecture graduation from Asmita college of Architecture, Thane.

What are the range of services your firm provides?
Architecture and planning, Residential and Commercial Interior, Product Designing and Architectural 3d Visualization.
Our involvement is from formulating a brief of client’s requirements and producing an Initial Design to Developed Design, Detailed Design, and to see a project realized in Construction. Dealing on client’s behalf with the building contractor and administrating the project to ensure that it is delivered in accordance with the design and planning permission.

What defines your style?
I like modernism because it’s clean and simple and promotes a certain lifestyle that aligns pretty close to my personal lifestyle beliefs. That having been said, I believe that I am educated, trained and experienced in a way that allows me to solve spatial and aesthetic problems systematically so that the value of the end product exceeds the sum of its parts. All these things collectively allow me to make informed and qualified design decisions in areas that don’t follow my personal

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and predilection.

Why should someone hire you over a more established architect?
As an Architect I have tremendous potential and enthusiasm to present fresh ideas which are user friendly and cost effective without compromising on any aspect. Since I am closer to young minds I can understand the requirements of clients.
We design for people who experience our work, to generate strategic returns for clients and emotional returns for communities.
We look at each one and consider the context—what it is and what it can be—beyond the strictly functional concerns. How the spaces we create can enliven the experience of being there.
What is your vision? Where do you see yourself five years hence?

It is common wisdom that hard work pays in the form of recognition which I shall strive to attain. Also the work produced by an Architect is intrinsically linked to the way his practice his organized. So keeping in mind the social dynamics and technology I shall design my work according to Ecological constraints and with preference for energy conservation over energy efficiency.
Five years down the line, I would like to establish myself as a complete package to deal with the present

future need of the society. My endeavors will be always towards the progress of myself and the society I live in. 

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