Architect Sara Tilche

Young Turks Dated:  Feb. 18, 2015
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Architect: Sara Tilche

This week we talk to Sara Tilche, the architect from Milan, the city synonymous with design. Sara who studied
architecture at Switzerland and worked on design projects both in India and Italy talks to us about her experiences, the difference in working styles among other things. Read on to know more about this talented architect who loves to travel, discover different cultures, cities, style of life, virgin nature, deep sea reefs, jungle, deserts and big skies full of stars... :-)

Where did your journey as an architect begin? When did you first feel you wanted to be an architect?
My grandfather, Paolo Tilche, was an architect and designer of the fifties, most of his work happened in Milano, after the war.

Paolo-TilchePaolo Tilche, architect and designer of the fifties

Unfortunately he died when I was 18 and he never knew the way I have chosen.
He has always been my inspiration.

Where did you study architecture?
I studied architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland, at the Accademia di Architettura della Svizzera Italiana.

When did you start your own practice and how did you bag your first project?
I started my career with the renovation of a beautiful villa of 1800 in Modena, Italy. It's a family property, and since I am the only architect of the family, I bagged the project ;)

What kind of projects have you been doing?
Mainly renovations of old villas, and then in Milano, I have done a lot of apartments, some retail shops and restaurants.

What is your dream project as an architect?
I have always dreamed to built a tower! A reference point for a landscape.

Tell us something about your approach to your projects.
As soon as I have a new project in hands my way of looking around changes. Everything can suggest me new ideas! And

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am always looking for The Idea, a red wire that will guide all my thoughts. Every decision has to be coherent with the project itself. Logic guides me.

What defines your style?
I don't have a style. I did projects in India, in Italy and in Indonesia, I think every project needs to talk with the place where it is located, use local materials and local techniques. One project can be very different from the other. Research and understanding the site is the best to end up with a good project.

Tell us something about your most favorite project.
My favorite project was Om Made Cafe, a project you already know! I think we ended up with a precious cafe. And everything was done by ourselves...from A to Z. Architecture, furniture, pillows, lighting, frames, waiter's uniforms...also the garden! It was a big job, and as you can see, not a single thing is standard. Everything is unique and customized.

Who/what inspires you and your works?
Some of my teachers will always inspire me. Especially Valerio Olgiati.

What are the differences in doing an architectural design project in Italy and in India?
There are a lot of differences! For sure in Italy there

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more rules and more restrictions so usually you start with a project, then you have to deal with them and at the end your project will always loose some pureness. For this reason, building in India is much better. On the other side in Italy I have always worked with constructors, carpenters, electricians and so on that were competent and passionate. People that like their job and are always ready to suggest how to make things better. In India (I don't say it s the rule, was just my experience) I didn't find it. The workers were just doing the minimum effort, they were only execute a job without adding any imput. Was very difficult!

What are the challenges you face as a foreign architect doing projects in India?
India is growing fast! It's so alive! There is a huge potential and as foreign architect, I can offer something different, which Indians seem to like!

What drives you?
Passion, and a general attitude that makes me always looking forward to the next step.

How would you like your work to be recognized?
I think the best way to be recognized is to create architecture were people feel well, loved by the people. That's the goal for me.

Your personal favorites when you sit for sketching designs!!
There must be loud music!

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