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Young Turks Dated:  June 11, 2014
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Architect: Adil Pasha

We are more than overwhelmed to introuduce the young and dynamic Architect Syed Adil Pasha - the face behind the young and meritorious, Nostri Architects. A graduate from Mumbai University, he started his firm in 2010 and since then, he has been consistent. He is involved in many prestigious projects including design and development of Vatika towers and other 20 million square feet of development across all market sectors. Read on to know more about his thoughts on architecture, design and his firm. Excerpts- 

Some Personal Information that you would like to share!!
I am a Delhiite who did Bachelors in Architecture from Mumbai. An Avid traveller and a keen sports man, (even though I don't get much of it nowadays) down to earth & humble are what define me.

When did you first start your practice and what kind of projects have you been doing? 
I started in 2010. Mixed use, Schools, Malls, Office, Mulitplexes, Bowling alleys, Hotels are some of the projects.

Tell us something about your approach to your projects. 
My approach is simple - Build to suit the site, environment and the client needs.

What defines your style? 
I adopt no specific style as such. Each project, even if it is of the same typology has to have a varied approach to suit the site, environment and the clients requirements. The product is interesting and different each time.

Which kind of projects do you enjoy the most?
Mixed use projects mainly, I feel that they present the interesting challenge to amalgamate three or four different design elements to function seamlessly in a holistic fashion.

Tell us something about your most favorite project.
That would definitely be the Wave City Centre located in Noida. It is one of the largest projects in India and is in the heart of the prime NCR and spread across 150 acres of

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Master planned by SOM based out of Chicago, Nostri Architects are the Lead building designers for this project. Wave City Centre has also given us an opportunity to show our strengths of effortlessly delivering a project with so many typologies of design and execution involved in one place.

Who/what inspires you and your works? 
We derive our inspiration from the local context and fabric (of a place). We also design to suit the end user of varied financial backgrounds.

Do you feel architects and designers should be concerned about environmental sustainability? How is environmental sustainability approached at your firm?
Yes ofcourse, that remains the priority! It has to be thought and implemented at the very nascent stage of conceiving a project, even before one puts pen to paper. In our firm, we start with the broad scale of planning a sustainable development- planning principals like reducing electricity and air conditioning loads by having layouts with natural light but minimal glass façade (on sun facing sides) are applied. As the project develops further, we generate details like reduced water usage, recyclable materials etc. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far?  What challenges do you continue to face and what is your strategy to tackle them?retain talent in house. Tackle it first with the type of projects we do and then by developing a healthy office environment.

What drives you?
That will be detailing and problem solving as concepts original to my design.

Any words of wisdom for start ups.
Learn how buildings are put together in detail first before you think about designing anything

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