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Life of an Architect - Video Musings


We, at ZingyHomes, have always celebrated the creative brilliance of Architects. We also strongly believe that Architects deserve more visibility. Few months back we ran a campaign with an objective to spread awareness among Architects community that often their brilliant works go unnoticed by general public - they admire wonderful buildings designed by Architects but never get to know their names - you can watch the video campaign here - Celebrate Architect Video

The video musings section we are kick-starting now will bring awareness among the general public about the lives of Architects, the hard work and efforts they put in to design those beautiful buildings that we often see and marvel.

You are the creative cream of the country. With a mind of your own. Which most commoners wonder how it conceptualises awe inspiring buildings. What is the life of an architect like - What is a typical day like? How do you work? Its all so intriguing for a non-architect!

Here is your chance to get closer to prospective clients. Tell them what and how you think and feel so they can understand you and your perspective better!

How can you participate?
  • Create a video on the life of an Architect ? even your cellphone video will do as long as sound and picture are clear and share it with us at media@zingyhomes.com with your name, email, phone, address.
  • The videos will be made public for voting on www.zingyhomes.com. The most creative video will be presented an award ( more details will be shared later )
  • Remember - its got to be clever, witty & short (max. 2 minutes long) and engaging. You can submit multiple entries. Inputs of atleast 1 practicing architect should have been used and mentioned in credits. Videos may or may not have voice over.
  • Creative concepts are entirely upto you. Go as creative, whacky and bizarre as you can :)
  • Remember - The earlier you submit your video, the more time you have to collect votes. Come on - Demystify yourselves and let them know what it is like to be an architect!
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Terms and Conditions
  1. Low quality videos both in terms of video quality and content will be rejected. Participants are requested to only submit quality & creative videos to increase their chances to win.
  2. Video submitted in any other format other than the mentioned formats may not be accepted. You'll be sent a notification once to resubmit.
  3. ZingyHomes team's decision on featuring any video will be final and cannot be contested or disputed.
  4. Videos that are found to be offensive or abusive will be rejected.